Corey Brown

Front-end Developer & Video Producer




shot on Canon A1 Film Camera

I'm Corey Brown

that's me.

^ that's me.

Hi, I'm Corey. I've always been into building things with/for others. It started with music when I was in grade school and progressed into video-editing in middle-school, then by high-school I was really into Apple's iWeb...anyone remember that? The point is, I've always loved pushing myself to learn new things.


Video production and editing have been part of my life for around 17 years. Wow, crazy when you put a number to it. Since 2009, I've held jobs as a video producer & editor for several organizations including non-profits, agencies, and even my own business for a while. View video work.


Web development is something that I cannot get enough of. About 6 years ago I started a small WordPress business building sites for friends and really fell in love with the web. Today, I've continued that passion and I'd consider it my main thing now. I enjoy building sites that are as fast as they are pretty and functional. At home, in my free time, you can usually find me learning a new language or library. You could say I'm addicted.

Meet my wife.

My wife, Christina

Married since January 2013.